May 2018 - FOBB had an overwhelming response to photos of the litter on Barry Island on bank holiday Monday (7 May 2018). The Facebook page and photographs were reached by over half a million people! As a result of the public outcry to the inconsiderate people who littered our beach, the Vale Council has arranged a Litter Summit and invited local voluntary organisations to come together to share ideas on combatting the problem. Please let us know if you have any ideas to put forward.

Barry & District News - December 2017:FRIENDS of Barry Beaches (FoBB) have launched a petition calling on the Welsh Assembly to tax single-use plastic items, to reduce the amount of waste finding its way into seas and rivers.
The environmental group, who carry out monthly beach cleans along Barry's five main beaches, set up the online petition on the Assembly website on Sunday, November 26, and have set a deadline of March 1 next year to gather signatures.
The issue of plastic waste contaminating marine environments has re-entered the public consciousness in recent weeks, after BBC documentary series Blue Planet 2 shone a light on the deepening extent of the problem.FoBB warn that plastic waste – much of which could take hundreds of years to decompose – has now been found in the deepest and most remote parts of the ocean, damaging wildlife and threatening to enter the human food chain.
The group previously launched a petition in 2015, calling on the Assembly to ban the sale of single-use polystyrene cartons and cups. The move was ultimately unsuccessful.
FoBB chairman Rob Curtis said: "The flood of plastics entering our sea is shocking and it's about time our elected representatives woke up to this issue.
"Our volunteers are removing more and more plastic waste being washed up across our beaches. They want action and leadership from our politicians to stop this plastic madness.
"We now need the Welsh public to add their names to our petition to ensure that the Welsh Government finally wakes up to the growing menace of single use plastics."